Kids Comments on "And the Tree Cried Out" by Marcella Barrett

Kids ages 8-16 provided the following comments:

"The book is about how to care for trees on earth."

"Don't do bad stuff even if your friends say to."

"Trees are living things."

"Just because somebody doesn't fit in means that you shouldn't talk to them. You should."

"Saving the planet."

"Treat other's nice."

"Be a tree hugger."

"People should care for others feelings."

"Treat people right and don't make fun of them."

"Respect your grandparents."

"God has a message that he is trying to get to us through the tree."

"All people have feelings."

"The feelings of the tree is really the feelings of others."

"This book follows one of God's Commandments, love your neighbor as yourself."

"There is a lesson to be learned that if you can change things in one way, other things will be changed."

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

"Nice story, tells a lesson, “ be kind to others" "

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